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The Ottoman Palace School Enderun and the Man with Multiple Talents, Matrakçı Nasuh

Introduced in this paper is one of the most remarkable Ottoman institutions, the Ottoman Palace School—Enderun, with a
focus on the life story of Matrakçı Nasuh, one of its most noted graduates and teachers. Matrakçı Nasuh’s life and work as a prominent mathematician and a teacher of mathematics are investigated as a case study. It showshow young boys and girls were selected because of their academic potential, brought toIstanbul, and educated in Enderun to serve the Empire. This research articulates themathematics education on the first institutionalized gifted education system of the worldand discusses its implications for today.
Keywords: Enderun, Ottoman Educational System, Matrakçı Nasuh, Gifted Education

Corlu, M. S., Burlbaw, L. M., Capraro, R. M., Han, S., & Çorlu, M. A. (2010). The Ottoman palace school and the man with multiple talents, Matrakçı Nasuh. Journal of the Korea Society of Mathematical Education Series D: Research in Mathematical Education, 14(1), 19–31.