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Scientific Inquiry Based Professional Development Models in Teacher Education

Çorlu, M. A., & Corlu, M. S.

Scientific inquiry helps students develop critical thinking abilities and enables students to think and construct knowledge like a scientist. The study describes a method course implementation at a major public teachers college in Turkey. The main goal of the course was to improve research and teaching abilities of prospective physics teachers (N=48) by developing scientific inquiry skills. The impact of the course was measured in two-folds: (a) The results obtained from pre- and post-course scientific inquiry self-evaluations of student teachers, which showed a statistically significant improvement, (b) independently measured scientific inquiry levels, which were found highly correlated with student grades from practical courses. Qualitative data indicated that the student teachers were having difficulties in applying mathematical formula into physics applications.
Key Words: Professional Development Models, Physics Education, Teacher Education, Action Research, and Scientific Inquiry
Çorlu, M. A., & Corlu, M. S. (2012). Scientific inquiry based professional development models in teacher education. Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice, 12(1), 514–521.